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CyberArts X
is a piece of history

This site is being developed into the record and documention of the event, it's presentations, and effects beyond the conference room. Please return soon to access new functions for your interaction and participation. And check our pictures and poetry available now:
Video Stream (coming soon)

To prospective attendees from the organizers: Despite the shocking and saddening events this week in the US, we are committed to going ahead with CyberArts, an event which focuses on the creative uses of technology, the positive aspects of humanity, and the belief that as communicators, we are needed now more than ever. When we come together, an additional topic will be on our agenda. The creative community hopes you will join us.

Gala Arty Party
(open to all)
Webcast &
Avatar World

10 am-5:30 pm
Saturday Sept. 15, 2001
Sunday Sept. 16, 2001

Exploratorium McBean Theatre
3601 Lyon St, SF
(includesSat.nite party)



Maps & Directions:

See it at the CyberArts Saturday Night Party:

Siemens Virtual Reality Theatre

Saturday Sept. 15, 2001
Somarts Cultural Center
934 Brannan, SF

Maps & Directions:
Somarts Center

Live Performances by:

  • Dr. Fiorella Terenzi
  • Mobius
  • DJ Goz
  • Chris Van Raalte/The Body-Synth
  • Superstar Avatar
  • Lasers by Laser Dreams

Exhibits, Installations, and Interactive Artists:

  • Adobe Atmosphere
  • Siemens Virtual Reality
  • ScentAir Technologies
  • Jeremy Sutton & Michael Wright-digital portraits
  • Moonfire Digital Art & Textiles- CyberArts T-Shirts & more
  • Lightgod - light toys for enlightened partygoers
  • Imaja - audio-visual stimuli
  • The Futurator-Andy Diaz Hope
  • eTribe Studio - 3D art and design
  • Astrology 3D
  • Fractal Fun

PLUS: The Impact of Ylem, 20 Years of Art, Science, & Technology - featuring over 80 artists!

The webcast has ended, however this is where you will be able to access video-on-demand as soon as we've edited the highlights for you.

Please return soon to check. Install the free RealPlayer

Get the free software for joining us "in-world:"

Then, to attend the conference via Avatar Cyberspace, go to the Atmosphere Portal >

Catch these performances LIVE at the CyberArts Saturday Night Party:
-Fiorella Terenzi-



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