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Now "the history of the future.."
CyberArts X

'Rediscovering Creativity'

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Conference Agenda
All conference sessions at Exploratorium McBean Theatre.
For detailed session descriptions and presenter biographies click the session title.

The webcast has ended, however this is where you will be able to access video-on-demand as soon as we've edited the highlights for you. Please return soon to check. Install the free RealPlayer.

September 15, 2001: Day One - Content & Context

(invited speakers listed, subject to change)

Event Overview

Session Descriptions & Presenter Bios

Maps & Directions:
Somarts Center
To Attend the Conference via Avatar Cyberspace, go to the Atmosphere Portal

9:30 AM

Check-in, seating

10:00 AM

Welcome Back!
Robt. Gelman, CyberArts International; Dominic Milano, CMP Media; Trudy Myrrh Reagan, Ylem

10:15 AM

Online Avatar World Introduction/Keynote Presentation
Bruce Damer, Digitalspace Corp.; Michael Kaplan, Adobe Systems

11:00 AM

What Happened to the Future? - A Look Back
Dominic Milano, CMP Media; Marc Canter, Broadband Mechanics; Michael Masucci, EZTV


Lunch break

1:30 PM

Stuck on a Plateau? - Next Generation Graphics and Animation
Frank Schwartz, Gen3D; Dave Blackburn, Virtual Ventures

2:30 PM

Banging on the Anvil - The Evolving Interface & Interactive Media
David Traub, Communicator; Ben Knapp & Hugh Lusted, Bio-interface Pioneers

3:15 PM


3:30 PM

Rethinking the Social Impact of Digital Media
Michael Gosney, Verbum, Inc.;David Greene, First Amendment Project; Gene Gable, Seybold Seminars, Rejane Spitz, Artist, Educator

4:45 PM

Sim Humans and the Future of Social Computing Bruce Damer, Digitalspace Corp; Greg Panos, Persona Foundation

5:30 PM

Close day one

8:00-12 PM Art Show, Exhibits, Live Performances & Party!


September 16, 2001: Day Two - The Future of the Future

9:30 AM

Check-in, seating

Email List Signup/Event Notification

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10:00 AM

CyberArts -The Next Generation/ Keynote
Galen Brandt, Cyber-muse will open the day with news on some key people from the last CyberArts Conference. Followed by keynoter, Noah Falstein, pioneering game designer on what's ahead.

10:45 AM

Is Virtual Reality Worth Another Look?
Bob Jacobson, Bluefire! Consulting; Mark Bolas, Interface Designer, Fakespace Labs; Moderator, Linda Jacobson, author and VR evangelist

11.30 AM

True Immersion: Future Themeparks & Theatre Technologies
Jim Solomon, Xulu Entertainment, Mark Petrakis, producer, Institute for the Future; Forrest Fleming, CEO, ScentAir Technologies; moderator: Louis Brill, author, LBE specialist

12:30 PM

Lunch break

2:00 PM

Seeing with Your Ears - Psychoacoustics and Sound Design in Film & Multimedia
Dennis Leonard, Skywalker Sound; Bob Bralove, Grateful Dead, Second Sight, Dos Hermanos; moderator, David Sonnenschein, author

3:00 PM


3:15 PM

Reinventing the Future: Extreme Visions of Art, Intelligence, & Artificial Intelligence
Dan Duncan, software engineer, poet; Charles Ostman, Institute for Global Futures; Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, musician, astrophysicist

4:30 PM

CyberArts "Think-Off"- A Moderated Open Forum
Featuring Dominic Milano, all participants, surprise guests

5:30 PM

Event ends (for now)

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